Catholic non-profit serves vulnerable around the world

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Motivated by Catholic social teaching, Vulnerable People Project (VPP) believes that all people have a responsibility to order society around the most vulnerable. As a non-profit human rights organization, VPP carries out relief efforts for ethnic and religious communities facing genocide. 

Founder, Vulnerable People Project (VPP)
The vulnerable are not weak people—they're strong people placed in impossible situations. We were all vulnerable in the womb and we'll all become vulnerable again.

VPP launched an ongoing relief campaign in Afghanistan after the United States' withdrawl from the country in 2020. 

The Project continues to evacuate and resettle those affected by ongoing violence, distribute coal to fight brutal winters, build medical centers, and serve the nearly 20 million citizens facing hunger. 

Founder, Vulnerable People Project (VPP)
This year we've doubled our goal—we've distributed 2 million meals across Afghanistan.
Christmas Eve we do massive distributions so on Christmas morning across Afghanistan people wake up to piles of food and heating fuel in front of their house.

VPP's reach extends beyond Afghanistan—they work to restore human dignity at all stages of life across the globe, from the United States, Africa, Ukraine, and more. 

For Jason Jones, his passion for serving the vulnerable began when he was only 17. 

Founder, Vulnerable People Project (VPP)
As a young infantryman, when I was in basictraining, my high school girlfriends' father found out she was hiding her pregnancy and he forced her to have a 3rd trimester abortion. And then as a young soldier on deployment, just a few months later, I saw a father who was sort of helpless to care for his child. And it was then, as a 17-year-old infantryman, that I decided I wanted to spend my life helping fathers defend their children.

Jones hopes the Project's dedication to serving the most vulnerable communicates the beauty of the Catholic faith to the world. 

Looking forward, Vulnerable People Project will continue their global efforts to resettle more people and expand access to education. 


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