Pope asks not to surrender to secularization: "It's like a worm that eats at the soul"

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Pope Francis arrived at the last meeting of his first day in Lisbon to the chants of the pilgrims waiting for him at the door.

A group of bishops, priests and other Church representatives gathered at the Hieronymites Monastery. The Pope was received by the Patriarch of Lisbon, the President of the Portuguese Bishops' Conference and the parish priest of the Church.

During his homily at Vespers, Pope Francis referred to the difficulties the Church is facing in traditionally Christian countries, which are leading to a secularized society far removed from the faith.

When the illusion fades, we come up with a thousand justifications for not casting our nets. But, above all, that bitter resignation, which is like a worm that eats away at the soul.

One of the solutions Pope Francis proposed to the problem of secularization is to involve the laity in important areas of the Church. The Synod of Synodality, to be held in October, is proof of this because the laity will be able to vote in the Synod for the first time in history.

This is a great challenge, especially in contexts where priests and consecrated people are tired because, while pastoral demands increase, they are fewer and fewer. However, in this situation we can see an opportunity to involve, with fraternal impulse and healthy pastoral creativity, the laity.

On the other hand, the Pope also alluded to 'indietrismo.' This is a concept he has developed throughout his pontificate to explain the need to live in the present, look to the future and avoid falling into nostalgia for the past. 

This is no time to stop. It is not the time to give up. It is not the time to tie up the boat on land or to look back. We don't have to avoid this time because we are afraid and take refuge in the forms and styles of the past. No, this is the time of grace that the Lord gives us to venture into the sea of evangelization and mission.

This is not the first important event that the Monastery has hosted. In 2007, the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon of the European Union was held here. 



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