Pope Francis: “Traveling is not as easy as it was in the beginning”

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Between this image…and this one…10 years and 43 international trips have passed. In Brazil, Pope Francis was 76 years old. Now, he is 86 and moves around in a wheelchair.

While answering questions on his return flight from his trip to Mongolia, he acknowledge that time does not pass in vain.

I tell the truth, for me, now, traveling is not as easy as it was in the beginning. There are limitations to walking and they are restricting, but we will see.

At the same time, however, Pope Francis confirmed that he was preparing other trips. Journalists asked him if Vietnam was on teh agenda, since relations between the Vatican and the Asian country seem to have improved. However, he pointed out that it is still too early for a Pope to travel there.

On the trip to Vietnam, if I don't go, John XXIV will certainly go. But there will surely be a trip because it is a land that deserves progress and has my sympathy.
Other trips, there is Marseille and then there is some in a small country in Europe that we are seeing if we can do.

The upcoming synod was also very present in the dialogue with the press. The Pope recalled that it will be a religious event, not a political one, and that he hopes it will not be reduced to a struggle between ideologies.

Pope Francis has returned to Rome after completing two trips in the month of August. He first traveled to Lisbon for World Youth Day and then to Mongolia. September will also be a busy month, as he has a trip to Marseille, France and later the consistory for the creation of new cardinals.


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