Pope Francis thanks Mongolian hospitality in his weekly catechesis

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In his weekly catechesis, Pope Francis dedicated a few words to thank the Church in Mongolia. He said that the missionaries carry out the work of evangelization through an understanding of the country's culture where they are. The Pope also encouraged the country in its mission of dialogue and fraternity

Dear brothers and sisters,

In my recent Apostolic Journey to Mongolia, I encountered a young Church filled with apostolic zeal in the midst of a great and noble Asian people. Because God so often makes his presence known in small and quiet ways, I was pleased that, for a few days, Mongolia’s Catholic community, founded by missionaries just thirty years ago, was at the centre of the Church’s attention. The Church’s catholicity, her call to incarnate the Gospel in all peoples and cultures, inspires her to testify to her faith through words of charity.

In Ulanbaatar, I blessed “the House of Mercy”, the first large charitable work undertaken by the local Church. In a country with a great Buddist tradition, I acknowledged the quiet cultivation of goodness by so many of its followers, and in my meeting with religious leaders I encouraged the growth of dialogue, mutual understanding and fraternity. As I give thanks for those days spent in the heart of Asia, beneath the vastness of God’s sky, I pray that all peoples will grow in wisdom, respect for diversity and commitment to working together in building a shared future for our world.

I extend a warm welcome to the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors taking part in today’s Audience, especially the groups from Malta, Senegal, Australia, Indonesia and the United States of America. Upon you and your families I invoke the joy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you all!


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