One month after a young woman regained her sight at WYD: "Doctors are surprised"

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It's been over a month since a young Spanish girl, named Jimena, claimed to have recovered her sight at WYD Lisbon after receiving Holy Communion. She had asked Our Lady for an extraordinary healing after being blind for two years and had started learning Braille. Now, with the start of the school year, Jimena has returned to reading and writing normally and has applied to leave the Spanish National Organization for the Blind.

The family spokesperson confirms that Jimena can see perfectly since World Youth Day—a pilgrimage she made with a group from the Opus Dei Prelature.

Jimena's teacher and tutor

Right now, besides the fact that she is happy, she is very much appreciating every new thing that she is rediscovering in life, such as riding the bus alone, seeing the faces of her friends, of her family…She is giving thanks to God every day and to the Blessed Virgin. After her cure, on August 5th, we started a novena of thanksgiving to the Virgin for this healing.

In the last few days, Jimena has undergone medical tests to confirm the healing.

Jimena's teacher and tutor

She had an accommodative spasm in her eyes and it looked like that might subside at some point. But as time went by and it did not improve, there was less and less hope of recovery. So now doctors are surprised because they had stopped treatment. They didn't know what else to do and all of a sudden, she had gone into remission and without any after-effects.
She sees perfectly. She has perfect 20/20 vision, both with and without glasses. Because it is true that after the summer, she went to the doctor again and she had the same prescription she had before she lost her sight, with normal myopia.

Although her family does not want her to be in the public eye, Jimena shares her faith in everyday life.

Jimena's teacher and tutor

She tells her experience and is very conscious saying that the protagonist of this event is Our Lady. In other words, she is simply an instrument that Our Lady has used to make her power and intercession known to many people.
Every time she has given her testimony, she has said that she realizes that a much greater miracle than recovering her sight is the miracle that happens every day at Mass. Jimena says that since the moment she was healed, she has gone to Mass every day and that she will go to Mass every day for the rest of her life…as long as she can.

In more ways than one, Jimena's experience of World Youth Day in Lisbon is one she will never forget.


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