Meet the 15-year-old who runs a handmade rosary business

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At just 13 years old, Will Henry was introduced to the Irish penal rosary and was inspired by a family friend to help make these rosaries more accessible.

Now, Will runs a rosary business from his home while being a full-time high school student. The company, Rings of the Lord, specializes in these unique types of rosaries.

Founder, Rings of the Lord

It was used during the penal times in Irish history when Catholicism was not allowed.
The whole goal is to make it so that you can pray the rosary even when you're not allowed to and when the world frowns upon you for praying the rosary.

For almost three years, Rings of the Lord has been shipping rosaries across the United States and has now expanded to Canada and Europe. Together, with his brother, Will makes the rosaries by hand and crafts them to be especially durable. They even come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Rings of the Lord website is filled with testimonies from customers expressing the impact this rosary has had on their lives. One Catholic convert even said he used it to pray his first ever rosary.

Founder, Rings of the Lord

A lot of the part that fills me with joy is seeing that the rosary is doing what it is supposed to be doing.
The better rosaries we have in the world and the more Mary can affect people through the rosary, the actual rosary, it can produce much more good and benefits than almost any other—not any other devotion I would say—but a lot of devotions.

Will plans to keep growing his handmade rosary business while balancing school. And he hopes that his work will continue to draw people closer to Mary and the Church.


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