Ratzinger Prize: carrying on the Pope's legacy almost one year after his death

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For the 13th year, the Raztinger Prize will be presented to two people who have stood out for their scientific research and publications. This year on November 30, Cardinal Pietro Parolin will deliver the award to two professors.

One of the recipients is Fr. Pablo Blanco, who has dedicated much of his life to studying the works of Pope Benedict XVI. He works with the Institut Papst Benedikt XVI in Germany and is the author of a biography of the German Pope.

Professor, University of Navarra

If I had to give him a title, I would say 'Benedict XVI: the Reformer.' It's true that his reform has only just begun; it has only taken its first steps. Pope Francis has continued the reform and I hope it will continue with the next Pope, when God wills it.

Francesc Torralba Roselló is a philosopher and theologian, who has published more than 1,800 articles and 100 books. He also teaches courses in Spain and the United States.

During previous award ceremonies, Pope Francis has higlighted the importance of recognizing the impact Pope Benedict XVI has had on the fields of theology and philosophy.

A theologian who knew how to open and nourish his own reflections and cultural dialogue jointly in many directions, because faith and the Church live in our world and are allies towards the search for the truth. I am talking about Joseph Ratzinger.

On the morning of the award ceremony, a Mass will be celebrated in the Vatican Grottoes in the Pope's memory. This is the first time the recipients will not meet with Pope Benedict XVI after receiving their award.


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