Hit series, “The Chosen”, premieres season 4 in theaters

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This was the moment the Pope met Jesus…

I have the honor of playing the role of Jesus in the TV series, ‘The Chosen.’
-Well, may you imitate Him, may you find Him, and may He make you happy.
Thank you.

7 years after the hit series “The Chosen” began, the largest crowd-funded project is launching its fourth season. Bringing first-century Israel to life, the series shows a more personal side of Jesus—something the actor who plays this role hopes comes through the screen.

Actor, “The Chosen”

The three things that I really strive to communicate are God’s love, mercy and compassion. I think those are, that’s the essence of who God is. And I think if we can adopt more of those qualities as humans, the world would be in a much better place.

By the end of 2022, more than 100 million people had watched at least part of an episode. The director has planned to make a total of 7 seasons and the series bring a twist to these classic stories, while maintaining their essence.

My followers won’t understand. The Son of Man must suffer many things.
-But you are the Son of God.

Director, “The Chosen”

Our number one question every time we do anything that isn’t from the Bible is, ‘Is this plausible? Could this have happened historically, culturally, or just knowing what we know about human beings?’ Because so many of the portrayals of these characters in previous ‘Jesus’ shows, they don’t feel like human beings. They feel like paintings, or they feel very formal.

What makes the season 4 premiere even more special is that for a select time, the first three episodes are available to watch in theaters around the world.

These episodes premiered in the United States beginning February 1 and came in as number two in the box office opening weekend.


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