Pope to put his sense of humor to the test at meeting with Jimmy Fallon and 100 other comedians

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Pope Francis is known to have a sense of humor and often uses it in his official meetings.

There was no place to go so we will eat lunch and be more relaxed..and a little wine will loosen the tounge and you can tell me the truth.

Now, the Pope is expected to share a few laughs during an upcoming meeting with over 100 comedians from 15 countries.

On Friday, June 14, the Pope will take the stage to speak to comedians like Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Chris Rock.

The meeting is organized by the Vatican's dicasteries for Communication and for Culture and Education.

In a press release for the event, the Vatican says the meeting “aims to establish a link between the Catholic Church and comic artists.”

Last year, the Pope had yet another meeting with many notable figures. This time, it was with over 200 artists, actors and musicians in the Sistine Chapel.


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