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Pope: Vain Christians are like bubbles. They may look nice, but they're bound to pop

During his Thursday morning Mass, Pope Francis talked about vanity. He explained why it's critical for Christians to not give into this temptation.  POPE FRANCIS "How many Christians live for appearances? Their life seems like soap bubbles. The soap bubble is beautiful, with all its colors! But it lasts only a second, and then what? Vanity is a liar, a fantasist, it deceives itself and it deceives the vain, because in the beginning they pretend to be something they're not and ultimately the vain believe it. They actually believe it. Poor thing!â? The Pope also added that when a Christian does penance, it must be done with joy.  SUMMARY OF POPE'S HOMILY:  (Source: Vatican Radio)  If you "do not have something substantial, you too will pass like all things.â? Pope Francis took his cue from the Book of Ecclesiastes to dwell on vanity. Vanity is a temptation not only for the pagans but also for Christians, for "people of faith.â? Jesus, he noted, often rebuked those who boasted. He told the teachers of the law that they should not "walk down the streetsâ? with "luxurious outfits,â? like "princes.â? When you pray, the Lord warned, do not do it to be seen, do not pray so that people will see you; "pray in secret, go to your room.â? You should do the same, the Pope said, when you help the poor: "Donâ??t sound the trumpet, do it secretly. The Father sees it, and that is enough.â? "But the vain man [says]: â??Look, Iâ??m giving this check for the work of the Churchâ?? and he shows the check; then he scams the Church from the other direction. But this is what makes the vain man: he lives for appearances. â??When you fast,â?? the Lord says to this, â??please do not be melancholy, sad, so that everyone will notice that youâ??re fasting. No, fast with joy; do penance with joy, so that no one will notice.â?? This is vanity: it is living for appearances, living to be seen.â? "Christians who live that wayâ?, he continued, "for appearances, for vanity, seem like peacocks, they strut about like peacocks.â? They are the people who say, "I am a Christian, I am to that priest, to that sister, to that bishop; my family is a Christian family.â? They boast. But, the Pope asked, "what about your life with the Lord? How do you pray? Your life in the works of mercy, howâ??s that going? Do you visit the sick? Reality.â? This, he added, is why "Jesus tells us we must build our house â?? that is, our Christian life â?? on the rock, on the truth.â? On the other hand, Jesus warned that "the vain build their house on sand, and that house falls, that Christian life falls, slips, because it is not able to resist temptations.â? "How many Christians live for appearances? Their life seems like a soap bubble. The soap bubble is beautiful, with all its colours! But it lasts only a second, and then what? Even when we look at some funeral monuments, we feel itâ??s vanity, because the truth is returning to the bare earth, as the Servant of God Paul VI said. The bare earth awaits us, this is our final truth. In the meantime, do I boast or do I do something? Do I do good? Do I seek God? Do I pray? Substantial things. And vanity is a liar, a fantasist, it deceives itself, it deceives the vain, because in the beginning he pretends to be [something], but in the end he really believes himself to be that, he believes. He believes it. Poor thing!â? "And thisâ?, he emphasized, "is what happened to the Tetrarch Herod who, as the dayâ??s Gospel relates, asked anxiously about the identity of Jesus.â? "Vanity,â? the Pope said, "sows wicked anxiety, takes away peace. Itâ??s like those who put on too much make-up, and then are afraid the rainâ? will come "and all that make-up will come streaming down.â? Vanity does not give us peace, he repeated. "Only the truth gives us peace.â? Pope Francis said Jesus is the unique rock on which we can build our life. "And we consider that this proposal of the devil, of the demon, also tempted Jesus to vanity in the desert,â? saying to Him: "Come with me, let us go up to the temple, let us make a spectacle. Throw yourself down and everyone will believe in you.â? The demon presented to Jesus "vanity on a platter.â? Vanity, the Pope said, "is a particularly grave spiritual illness.â? MPI/KHL CTV FA -BN Up: YJA