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Rome Reports

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Things to do in Rome: Visit the tomb of Pope John Paul II

Rome attracts all kinds of tourists. Some visit for the art and history. Others seek the Eternal City's charm and beauty. And, of course, many come because it's the heart of Christianity.

Roughly 14 million tourists came to Rome last year. And St. Peter's Basilica remains one of the "must-see" sites.

From Michelangelo's "Pieta to Borromini's spectacular canopy, plenty of great art is on display.  However, since May 2011, another part of the site is becoming one of the largest attractions for pilgrims: the tomb of Pope John Paul II.

"He was a great fighter. Tireless ".

"The Pope has always been part of our family."

"It's very moving to visit. And it's quite emotional being there."

The tomb of John Paul II was transferred after his beatification from the crypt in St. Peter's to a Vatican chapel.

Since being moved, more tourists and pilgrims pass by it. He isn't the only Pope whose remains rest there, but he's certainly one of the most popular. The remains of Pope John XXIII and Pope Pius X stay in other parts of the basilica. 

However, one does not have to travel to Rome to see  Pope John Paul II's tomb. The Vatican has a webcam from which you can always see the Polish saint's tomb.