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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis set to visit Roman prison on Holy Thursday

Pope Francis will visit the Rebibbia prison in Rome the evening of Holy Thursday. While there, he'll celebrate the mass of the Lord's Supper. Pope Benedict XVI also visited the same prison in 2011. The Pope will visit the same chapel and wash the feet of several inmates. Female inmates will also visit from a nearby prison, and the Pope will wash their feet as well. This is not Pope Francis' first trip to a ;penitentiary, nor is it the first time he has washed prisoners' feet. The washing of the feet holds special significance for Pope Francis, who has emphasized his love for the lowest rungs of society throughout his papacy. ; In 2013, he washed the feet of a dozen juvenile prisoners on Holy Thursday. At least two of the inmates were Muslim and two were women. Last year, he performed the same ceremony with the elderly and sick. ; Holy Thursday is on April 2 this year. ATO RR VM -PR Up:JRB #Pope