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How can you receive plenary indulgence during the Jubilee?

POPE FRANCIS "Do not forget this: the Lord is never too tired to forgive. But sometimes we are too tired to apologize.� For Catholics, the Jubilee is a great time for reconciliation with God. For this special Jubilee, the central theme is Mercy, so the sacrament of confession is very important. MASSIMO DEL POZZO Pontifical University of the Holy Cross "Every sin leads to guilt and shame. The fault is forgiven in confession unless there is a lack atonement.� Atonement implies full remission of pain and is displayed through good works that show repentance. To facilitate this reconciliation with God, the Church has planned plenary indulgences. MASSIMO DEL POZZO Pontifical University of the Holy Cross "It is a great manifestation of mercy and compassion. The Church shows her motherhood by settling all debts and consequences of sin.� In order to obtain a plenary indulgence one must complete a number of actions in front of the Holy Door. There are five steps. First, one must commit to avoiding all sins, even venial. This desire is reflected in step two: the confession. POPE FRANCIS February 19, 2014 "'But Father, I am ashamed.' Shame is also good. It is healthy to feel a little embarrassed. Shame is healthy. When a person feels no shame, in my country, they are called shameless scoundrels." The third step is to receive Communion, followed by the fourth, praying the Creed. The fifth is to pray for the Pope and also his prayer intentions. Although it is not necessary to complete each step on the same day, it is recommended. For those that want to obtain the plenary indulgence that can not travel to Rome, the Pope asked that each diocese open a Holy Door. For those who are in prisons, this will be each prisoner's cell door and the indulgence will be just as valid as in St. Peter's Basilica. JRB/ZS/ATO MG JM -PR Up:AC