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Pope Francis meets with Google executive, Eric Schmidt

Although he has admitted to not owning a computer, Pope Francis is certainly no stranger to the power of technology.  Pope Francis meet with Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, and Jared Cohen, chairman for Google Ideas, for a private 15-minute meeting in the Vatican. ERIC SCHMIDT Chairman of Alphabet, Former Google CEO "I want to work with you to make these points... We will make it happen.â? "Pray for me. Don't forget.â? "We will... Thank you so much.â? To date, Pope Francis has proven to be the most influential, tech-savvy Pope: He is the head of the Catholic church, with a following of over a billion and counting; he has over 8 million followers on Twitter; and recently hosted two Google hangouts from the Vatican.  Big numbers are something Eric Schmidt is also very familiar with. Schmidt, who runs a multi-billion dollar web hosting company, wants to join forces with Pope Francis by working together. JARED COHEN Head of Google Ideas "My daughters name is Zelda.. Uh, if you would be willing to write a note of advice to her.. She's 22 months.â? The Pope took the time to write a personalized  note of advice for Jared Cohen's 22-month-old daughter, Zelda. Perhaps, today's meeting will help bridge the gap between societies with a mixture of technology and divine intervention. YA CTV JM - BN Up: AC