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An interactive calendar to share advice for Lent

Look inside yourself, escape, do not complain, be gentle, with resignation and love. These are some of the demands of the original schedule of Lent, which is carried out by the Via Crucis or "Way of the Cross,â?  an Association in Basque Country, Spain. The peculiarity of this calendar is that it is made for easy sharing on various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest. Unfortunately, this interactive calendar is only offered in Spanish.  JAVIER ETXEBARRIA Via Crucis Balmaseda "We have seen some calendars for Lent, especially sense we are currently celebrating Lent, there were different calendars with phrases, words and drawings. But, something was lacking, nothing was interactive, nothing that could be shared by social networks.â? With just one click, you are able to see the daily recommended acts and drawings. You just have to click on one of the networks and share this Lenten advice to your contacts. With this calendar, the organizers of one of the most striking "Way of the Crossâ? representation in Spain intend on increasing the visibility of their event held in Balmaseda during Easter. IPC/YA CTV VM -BN -Up: IPC