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Rome Reports

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Pope on Earth Day: Let's transform deserts into forests

Pope Francis made a surprise appearance to Villa Borghese, a famous park in Rome where Earth Day was held.  The event was promoted by the Focolare movement. Cardinal Fisichella and the president of the movement, Maria Voce, were also there to received the Pope.  The Pope showed that he knew about the Mariapolis in Argentina, the small towns of this movement whose coexistence is based on the Gospel ... And he also showed that he knows about the products it manufactures. "You know the Mariapolis in Argentina, right? This is what we have here ...â? "And it's delicious sweets.â? "Ah!, I heard about that one, the dulce de leche?â? "Yes, dulce de leche.â? "That's it.â? After Pope Francis heard several testimonies and led an impromptu speech in which he asked that personal deserts should be transformed into forests. POPE FRANCIS "I have been thinking: 'these people, all of you, go to the desert and turn it into a forest. Let's transform deserts into forests! You perform a miracle with your work of changing the desert into a forest: go forward that way.â? Pope Francis also asked Christians to approach without fearing other people to and offer their friendship. POPE FRANCIS "Where there isnâ??t social friendship, thereâ??s always hatred and war. We are living a piecemeal Third World War, everywhere.  Look at the geographic map of the world, and youâ??ll see. This is the first word: forgiveness.â?  Finally, he criticized that at the center of the economy is money and not the human being and he invited implementation of gratuity. Before leaving, as usual, he spent a few minutes greeting the hundreds of people who gathered in this emblematic park in Rome. AC/YA CTV -VM -BN up:YA