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The Goretti Girls: the Irish duo who sing like angels

The Goretti Girls do not sing. Their melodies are authentic prayers. These two, young Irish women have dedicated their lives to spreading enthusiasm for the Eucharistic Adoration with testimonies and melodies.  Their followers convinced them to record this album. They have called it "I Will Wait," because Jesus always waits for people in the Eucharist. "I will wait" Their story dramatically began during WYD in Madrid 2011. MÉABH CARLIN The Goretti Girls "I was crossing a busy street, and a taxi went through a traffic light and hit me at 50 miles per hour. At 19, I had to ask myself that terrible question that we rarely ask ourselves or think about: Where am I going? What do I believe?" Those were very hard times. While thousands of young people were waiting in the streets of Madrid for Benedict XVI, she was in the middle of life and death. MÉABH CARLIN The Goretti Girls "I was desperate. That night I was looking death in the faith, and I was desperate. I called out to the Lord, who had been there all my life yet I had ignored him, and the moment I needed Him I felt his presence. That's the Lord that I wanted to dedicate my life to.â? And so begins the story of the "Goretti Girls." Méabh and Hannah decided to call themselves this in memory of St. Maria Goretti. With their music, they are determined to help thousands of people pray; a prayer that can change lives.  JMB/JC ICatholic -FL - PR Up:MB