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Pope's Schedule: Meeting the president of the country that has received the most refugees

After a week of spiritual exercises, the pope resumes his normal schedule. In addition to his daily homilies at Casa Santa Marta, Wednesday's General Audience, and Sunday's Angelus, this week will contain two important meetings. ; The first of these meetings will be on Thursday, when the pope receives the President of Lebanon, Michel Aounm, at 10:00 a.m. He took office in late October last year, ending more than two and a half years of an absence of power. It was due to the economic crisis, differences between Sunnies and Shiites, and the war in Syria that has brought many refugees to Lebanon. It's calculated that almost 200 of every 1,000 inhabitants are refugees. ; The next highlight of the week will be the traditional penitential liturgy, said on a Friday in Lent. It is a ceremony dedicated to confession, in in which Francis has always led by example. JRB/JC RR SV -BN Up:JRB