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Pope Francis in Genoa: Leave gossip and dedicate ourselves to the mission

Almost 100,000 Genoese welcomed Pope Francis into Kennedy Square, with traditional and very detailed crucifixes. ; It was this Mass that concluded a brief, but intense, visit to Liguria. In his homily, the pope said that it's necessary to allow God to enter into the daily life of each person, despite daily stresses and pressures. As a solution, he proposed that one must find time to pray, and confide their concerns to God. ; POPE FRANCIS "Always living between many careers and things to do, we can get lost. ;Let us remember each day 'to place the anchor in God.' Let us entrust everything to Him. It's this force of prayer, which binds heaven and earth, which allows God to enter our time." On the other hand, he recalled that Christians must confront evangelization and the problems of today's world with a more active perspective. ; He said that Christians should be less self-centered, and instead be prepared to work for the common good. POPE FRANCIS "Let us ask God for the grace of not 'fossilizing' ourselves on non-central issues, but to dedicate ourselves fully to the urgency of the mission. Leave the gossip and the artificial discussions of one who listens only to himself to the others." At the end of the ceremony, Genoa bid Pope Francis farewell with traditional songs of the region. The pope was also able to greet his relatives from northern Italy, the location where his father and grandparents were from, before emigrating to Argentina almost 90 years ago. JRB/JC CTV - F -BN Up: JC