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Rome Reports

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Pope: Be happy in hoping, don't only hope to be happy

Pope Francis kicked off the General Audience on this hot Rome morning by hydrating himself with some exceptional mate, brought all the way with pilgrims from Argentina. He also made sure to bless all the children who happened to be there as well as a young girl brought to him on a stretcher. Pope Francis then continued his catechesis on Christian hope, the kind given by the Holy Spirit, with God as the center. He said this hope, through the Holy Spirit, can act as a sail propelling one through the difficult moments of life.  POPE FRANCIS "The expression 'God of hope' does not just mean that God is the object of our hope. He is, the one we hope to reach one day in eternal life. It also means that God is the One who has already given us hope, and even more makes us "happy in hope." Having happiness in the moments of hope, and not only hoping to be happy. And having  joy in hoping and not only hoping to be joyful today.â?  The pope continued saying Christian hope is possible through the witness that each person is a child of God and has love poured into his or her heart. POPE FRANCIS "The Holy Spirit nourishes hope not only in the hearts of men, but also in the whole of creation. Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given." He said that this Pentecost Sunday is the birthday of the Church and he asked everyone to join in prayer that they will receive the gift to "abound in hope.â? MB CTV -FL -BN Up: MB