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Pope at Santa Marta: A Christian does not have a horoscope to see the future

In his morning homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis recalled that Christians do not have a "horoscope or crystal ball to see the future,â? but instead must be open to the Lord's surprises, both good and bad. 


"The journey begins everyday in the morning; the way to trust the Lord, the path open to Lord's surprises, that many times are not good, many times ugly- we think of a disease, or death- but open, because I know that He will carry me to a safe place, to a land that He has prepared for me; a man on the move, a man that lives in a tent, a spiritual tent.â? 

He concluded by recalling that in essence, the life of a Christian is "simple; he thinks well of God and well of others.â? 


Source: Vatican Radio 

"There is a Christian life-style, a life-style based on three dimensions: 'renunciation,' 'promise,' and 'blessing.' To be a Christian always implies this dimension of stripping oneself of something, itâ??s a dimension that reflects Jesusâ??s renunciation on the Cross.â?

"A Christian does not read the horoscope to foresee the future; a Christian does not consult a fortune teller who looks into a crystal ball or reads your palm. A Christian allows himself to be guided by God who takes us on the path towards the fulfillment of his promise.�

"The journey of a Christian starts anew every morning, trusting in the Lord and open to his many surprises. At times these surprises are good, at others bad â?? think of an illness or of a death â?? but we must always be open because we know that He will take us to a safe place, to a land that has been prepared especially for us.â?

"Another trait of the Christian is that he or she always carries a blessing. Christians speak well of the Lord and of others, and ask for Godâ??s blessing to go forward on their paths. This is the pattern of our Christian life because everyone, even lay people, must bless others, speak well of God and of others.â?

"Too often our tongues wag too much, instead of following the order that God gave to "our father� Abraham as a lesson for life; that of walking, of letting ourselves be stripped by the Lord, of trusting in his promises and of being irreprehensible. Christian life is so simple!�