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Vatican asks to monitor quality of bread and wine for Masses

The Vatican is on-guard against the resulting effects due to new technology. While usually the bread and wine used for Mass are bought in convents or specialized stores, the proliferation of purchases via the internet is now facilitating confusion and a lack of control to potential bread and wine for communion that cannot be used in Mass.   JUAN JOSÉ SILVESTRE Liturgist "There may be doubts about the extent to which these hosts are made, and if they are made with valid material or not. It is not valid to use hosts made with rice or other cereals. They have to contain wheat, which is what the Lord used. The same goes for the wine.â? That is why the Congregation for Divine Worship has sent a circular letter to bishops, asking them to keep an eye on both the hosts and wine. It suggested that a certificate could be issued to ensure that the rules of the Church are respected during the production process.  JUAN JOSÉ SILVESTRE Liturgist "The bread has to be from unleavened bread made from the grain of wheat, and the wine has to be the fruit of the vine and fermented. Why are these the elements? Because these are the elements that the Lord used. The Church cannot invent the elements that the Lord has used." That is why completely gluten-free hosts are not able to be consecrated and used in Mass. However, hosts with a lesser amount of gluten, meeting the requirements by the Church, can be served in Mass. In this way, the immense majority of celiacs are able to receive communion without severe repercussions. Celiacs or those with an allergy who absolutely cannot consume the host, can always receive the wine instead.  JRB/JC RR VM -PR Up:JRB