Vatican hospital regarding case of Charlie Gard: Going to court has not helped Charlie

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There is no time left for little Charlie Gard, the baby suffering from a very rare illness, but who could have potentially received experimental treatment. However, it is now too late; the legal battle has made Charlie lose precious time. 

President Bambino Gesù Hospital
“This case teaches us all a great lesson. Without a relationship between doctors, scientists and family members, it cannot go anywhere. Confrontations are created, and the parties are against each other. The only thing that has not helped Charlie has been going to court.”

The Vatican's pediatric hospital was willing to welcome the baby and treat him free of charge, and its doctors already examined the child. However, nothing can be done because Charlie's muscle mass is too atrophied and damaged. If doctors had acted sooner, maybe it could have changed the story. 

Responsible for muscular and neurodegenerative diseases

'In this group of degenerative or metabolic diseases, the sooner you begin, the better. The specific problem here is that it is a very rare disease, and it was probably the first time that treatment was considered.'

The pope has been very aware of the case. On July 2, he released a statement expressing that he was moved by the child's situation. Now knowing that nothing can be done, he issued another statement in which he said he prays that little Charlie's parents can find comfort. 

Thus, that is why the pope's hospital says that they have done their best to attend to the desperate requests of the parents, and insist that under Charlie's current conditions, any attempt at therapy would be useless, and put the child in unnecessary pain. 

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