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Dana Catherine's new song “My Savior In Me” is the next step in her mission for God

When starting out as a musician in her final year of college, Dana Catherine never had a target audience. The process of writing music was more like keeping a diary. However, more recently she has been trying to reach young people, specifically teenagers and those in their twenties. 


“I think a lot of people, especially here in the U.S, a lot of young people are being pulled towards the world, and not God. The world is telling them, 'don't choose what the Lord wants for you. Do what you want to do.'”

Dana is in the process of writing a new album. The album takes a lot from her current life experience, which permeates through all of her songs. 


“From the start it's not like I wanted all of these songs to be about following the Lord's will, but because that's where I am in my life right now, it's just reflected in all these new songs I've written.”

Dana's future albums will continue with this mission of trusting God's plan, as she travels the world connecting with youth through her music.