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“Women in Africa are not just women carrying water on their heads”

This is the premiere of “The Wonderful Tapestry of Life.” It is a film that looks into the life of Ghanaian Ambassador to Italy, Evelyn Anita Stokes-Hayford, as a way to highlight development in Africa. Throughout her years in the international arena, she has supported many projects regarding women and children. 

These efforts inspired director Lia Beltrami to create the film, as she believes the world needs to detach itself from stereotypes of the past to form a more just African society of the future. 

Director, “The Wonderful Tapestry of Life”

“Women are not just women carrying water on their heads, they can be very powerful women, but at the same time, they can teach us the solidarity. So the idea was to make a film where the threads of solidarity make together the wonderful tapestry of life.”

Development is not always found in economic spheres, but also rooted in the faith and well being of man. For Ambassador Stokes-Hayford, this is another key factor in Ghana's advancement. 

Ambassador, Ghana to Italy

“My country is known for its optimism. If only we can use the sense of optimism and put it to good use, I think we can overcome everything. We are also a Christian nation, and we believe that with the help of God there is nothing that we can't do.”

These men are living examples of the optimism that she speaks of. However, the film also wants to be sure it is integral, and spreads to this little one's generation in light of current challenges. 

Director, “The Wonderful Tapestry of Life”

“Now there are new kinds of slaveries crossing the sea. So we tried to go inside this and give a message to the young people about being free, and faith makes you free. FLASH Try to work hard to give dignity to everyone in every place in every part of the world.”

Just this year, the Vatican celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Pope Paul VI's encyclical, “Populorum Progressio.” In it, he wrote “development is the new name for peace.” Years later, it appears to still be the case.