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Rome Reports

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Music and dancing from Uruguay for Pope Francis

They came from Uruguay to participate in a folklore festival in Sardinia. However, the most exciting moments from their journey have been here in Rome, when they saw the pope during the Wednesday General Audience.

“The most exciting moment was when he gave us the blessing in Spanish, we could understand it and the kids really enjoyed that moment. The truth is that it was unique.”

“The best moments were when we went to the Colosseum and then here today. The truth is that being able to see the pope was very exciting, yes."

This group of 35 dancers and musicians received a big surprise. When they arrived in Rome, they did not know if they could see the pope, but said waiting in line for the possibility was worthwhile.

“The truth is that it was very exciting. Besides being with him and seeing him up so close, the excitement that is the pope is Argentine, and in Uruguay, we are very close. We can understand each other perfectly thanks to Spanish. FLASH They are very happy. The idea was to come here, but we didn't expect to go to the catechesis today, and actually be able to enter. They are all very shocked, very excited!”

In order for everyone to come to Italy on this trip, they organized different concerts and performances in Uruguay to raise money. Upon their return, they will begin to prepare their next trip to show off their dances and culture to the whole world.