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Council of Cardinals Meeting: Calls for more laity, fewer priests and an international Curia

Among the issues addressed at the latest meeting of the Council of Cardinals was the "selection and competence of personnel" in the Curia.

The Vatican is studying the possibility of hiring fewer priests, fewer Italian people and more laity, both men and women.

This is to rejuvenate the workforce and make it more international. It is a measure that has already been put into practice with the creation of the dicastry dedicated to the laity, family and life.

However, that is not the only aspect being analyzed: decentralizing the Curia is another key concept of reform. The goal is for dioceses, in matters that are within their competence, to depend less on Rome. 

Also, recently the pope published a Motu Proprio called “Magnum Principium.” It will lead to a change in canonical regulations which affect the translations of liturgical books from Latin to other languages. From now on, the Vatican will play a less active role in its approval, such as not reviewing translations that have already been approved by episcopal conferences. Instead, it will only confirm what has already been approved by them.