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Why October 2019 will be an extraordinary missionary month

In 2019, the month dedicated to missions, October, will be different than the ones before. It will mark the 100th anniversary of Benedict XV's encyclical “Maxium Illud", which is considered to be the charter of modern missions. 

Pope Francis confirmed that this initiative would be carried out during a hearing in June, addressed to the participants in the assembly of the Pontifical Mission Societies.

Pontifical Missionary Union
"The pope is clear that it is necessary to renew the ardor and missionary passion because, in fact, we need more missionaries. FLASH The fundamental question is to discover, because I don't think that it is know that the mission is the proper name of the relationship between Christ's Church and the world.”

Though the pope will preside over some public events from Rome, the Vatican wants every diocese to live this extraordinary month with absolute freedom. 

Pontifical Missionary Union
“What we would like to make clear is that those responsible for organizing this extraordinary month can choose how to do it according to their needs. What we will offer will be the material to inspire, provoke and stimulate reflection.”

Pope Francis wants this extraordinary missionary month to rest on these four points.

First, for each Christian to strengthen his or her personal encounter with Christ. Next, he also hopes people will rediscover the value of the saints and martyrs, to deepen the doctrine and to practice charity

With these four elements, this is Pope Francis' goal: 

“But I want there to be a mess in the diocese, I want you to go outside. I want the Church out in the street.”