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“Superpope” graffiti T-shirt to help fund Vatican charitable works

Street artist Mauro Pallotta, best known as Maupal, has found a way for his love of art and his admiration of Pope Francis to be able to fund Vatican charitable works. 

A portion of the proceeds from this T-shirt, in which the pope appears as Superman with a briefcase of values and the scarf of the San Lorenzo soccer team, will go to Peter’s Pence, which manages the pope’s charitable works. 

Street Artist

“In this case, the message I wanted to send was hope. He is a man who, having enormous power and being the pope, has a very human side, humble and modest. He is probably a visionary who carries a briefcase of Christian values with him.”

When his first graffiti of Pope Francis appeared in the streets of Borgo Pio, near the Vatican, in 2014, the news made it to the pope. He even met with the pope in an audience, where he gave Pope Francis his first piece. 

Since then, the artist has surprised passers-by in Borgo Pio on more than one occasion with his graffiti full of subliminal messages. 

The irony of his drawings has made him a unique artist who combines social criticism with Christian values. He is planning to participate in the next World Youth Day in Panama in a special way. 

Street Artist

“I will begin to draw about bigger and more important things, but the fundamental message will always be positive. I always try to transmit and highlight positive things, because complaining never helps.”

The pope’s T-shirt is available in white, yellow, red and black; it costs 19 euros and can be bought on www.superpope.it.

With this initiative, anyone can contribute to Vatican charitable works and, in addition, wear graffiti of the pope, approved by the Vatican itself.