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Georg Gänswein dismantles rumors of Benedict XVI's failing health

With this picture, the Vatican has strongly denied that the pope emeritus was dying. His secretary responded in person with the same conclusion to reporters.

Prefect of the Pontifical Household
“The fake news has been denied. At 90 years old, he is fine. The words others have put in my mouth: forget them.”

The false rumors about the pope emeritus' failing health have become a common practice that takes place from time to time in certain spheres of the Vatican. This case began two weeks ago, when social networks and some web pages began to spread messages without credibility.

What is clear is that Benedict XVI is increasingly fragile, but that can be expected for his age. He has suffered two strokes, has nearly lost sight in one eye, and has joint problems. However, these setbacks did not prevent him from celebrating his birthday with music, dancing and typical costumes from his country. 

Benedict XVI: A love affair with the truth - Trailer from ROME REPORTS on Vimeo.