Pope will visit U.S. cemetery to pray for all war victims

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On Thursday, coinciding with the day the Catholic Church remembers the deceased, Pope Francis will visit the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Nettuno, south of Rome.

There lie the remains of 7,861 men and women from the United States, who died in Italy in World War II.

They are soldiers and some Red Cross nurses who lost their lives during the liberation of Sicily and battle of Anzio between 1943 and 1944.

Next to their tombs, Pope Francis will celebrate a solemn Mass to pray 'for all those fallen in wars.'

That same day, before returning to the Vatican, the pope will also stop at the Ardeatine graves, which Benedict XVI had also visited.

These mines on the outskirts of Rome are where the Nazis murdered 335 Italian civilians in March 1944.

It was retaliation for an attack against 30 German soldiers, and Hitler had ordered 10 Italians to die for each German.

It is a place symbolic of the homicidal madness of any war, where both Jews and Christians lie together and people of all religions visit every day.

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