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Pope Francis prays for crew of missing Argentine submarine

During the Angelus prayer on Sunday, Pope Francis prayed for the crew of the Argentine military submarine that disappeared on Wednesday in the waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.

"I also pray for the people from the Argentine military submarine crew, whose trail has been lost."

In addition, while celebrating the first World Day of the Poor, the pope asked for people to take care of those who are homeless and respond to their needs.

"I want the poor to be at the center of our communities, not only at times like this, but always, because they are at the heart of the Gospel. In them, we find Jesus who speaks to us and asks us to act based on their sufferings and needs."

He also reflected on talents, the theme of the Gospel of the day. He said it is important to have a correct image of God and trust in Him, because if not, fear can immobilize and prevent progress.

"Fear discourages taking initiatives, it induces one to take refuge in safe and guaranteed solutions, and thus, they end up doing no good. To advance and grow on the path of life, one must not be afraid, but must have confidence."

When he finished, he also remembered people living in poverty due to wars. He prayed for peace in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon, which has been experiencing difficult times.