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Pope Francis: When we go to Mass it's like entering Calvary, it's not a spectacle

As usual, Pope Francis invited a few of the youngest attendees onto the popemobile for an unforgettable ride.

From Mexico, Holy Father.
Are you Mexicans? And the Tequila, where is it?

The pope explained in his catechesis that the Mass is reliving the Passion of Christ and not just a mere remembrance of what happened 2,000 years ago

“This is the Mass. It is entering into the Passion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. When we go to Mass, it's like we are going to Calvary. It's the same.”

Thus, he once again reminded Christians of the importance of celebrating the ceremony as solemnly as possible

“Think for a second: if we went to Calvary, let's imagine, in that moment, and we also know that man is Jesus. Would we start chatting; taking photos like it was a spectacle? No. Because it's Jesus. We would definitely be in silence, crying and also happy about being saved. When we enter the church to celebrate Mass, let's think, 'I'm entering Calvary where Jesus gives his life for me,' and that's how the spectacle disappears, the chit-chatting and the comments.”

This was Pope Francis' third catechesis on the Eucharist and his last in November, as he travels to Bangladesh and Myanmar for a papal visit next week.