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Rome Reports

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Welcome To Rome: 2,700 years of history recapped in this spectacular 3D exhibit

Rome speaks for itself in this spectacular 3D exhibition, Welcome To Rome. It was made so those who visit the Eternal City could understand each one of its historical periods in a clear and simple way: visually

Welcome To Rome

“The way of reading the city is found here. Rome is a difficult city because it has 2,700 years of history packed into it. The Roman age monuments are among medieval towers and Renaissance churches.”

Rome shows its history through these reconstructions: of how it went from a city situated between seven hills, to the capital of an empire; of its decline in medieval times, until its resurgence during the Renaissance. 

Welcome To Rome

“Understanding is satisfying. The city presents itself here and tells you, 'This is what I am. When you pass through my streets, look at me through this lens.' This experience changes the way of looking at things.”

Welcome To Rome is in eight languages, and tickets can be bought online. It's the ideal stop that must be done before venturing out into the Eternal City's streets and monuments and experiencing what writer Marcel Proust said, “Traveling is not discovering new lands, but rather looking at the same things with different eyes.”