Diocese revamps campaign to rethink Christmas lists

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It's just another ad at Christmas time – presents, food and family in perfect harmony. A mother and daughter make time for all their favorite holiday traditions, including cookie baking, tree decorating, even giving to the needy.

Something's missing, though. Those searching for the answer need look no further than the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York. Its annual “Put Him on Your List” campaign aims to reemphasize the real meaning of Christmas.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio and collaborators want Christians to put Jesus back at the top of their lists and celebrate His birth, for example, by attending Mass. In place of the typical commercial for material consumption, the diocese promotes faithful fulfillment through digital, newspaper and radio ads. 

This year, in addition to a feature on the campaign's website that allows Catholics in New York state to find the nearest church, organizers hope to leave a larger impact beyond parishes.

Christian artist Kei-Landa has released an original song entitled “Put Him On Your List (This Christmas)” to accompany the movement. The track's lyrics touch on typical holiday activities – the same ones that seem to keep people from making it to the liturgy – before asserting, “Jesus is the one we can't forget.”

As if the jingle wasn't already catchy, money raised from the downloads of the song will go to helping hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. If people are willing to give their support to the needy, the Diocese of Brooklyn hopes they will also give a bit of their time back to Christ this season. 

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