Raphael, archangel who saved Sara and Tobias, helps couples

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Few people can say they've written more than 200 books. One of them is Marcelo Stanzione. What's more, they're all about the same topic – angels and archangels. 

Twenty-five years ago, an unknown woman told him she always prayed to the angels. When Stanzione saw the book she had with her, he saw it was written by a cabalist and spoke of things not found in the Bible. 

Author, “Raphael, The Angel of Love Between Spouses”

“It made me angry because I realized she was a good person who was being fooled. I went to bookstores, and 25 years ago there was no book about angels written by a Catholic. Almost every page of the Bible talks about angels, and all of the saints have always been truly devoted to them.”

Now, Stanzione is presenting his book about the archangel Raphael, “The Angel of Love Between Spouses.” Raphael means “medicine of God,” and in the book of Tobias, it's he who joins together the couple of Sara and Tobias and defends them from the demon who won't let Sara be in a couple because he's in love with her. 

Author, “Raphael, The Angel of Love Between Spouses”

'In the Bible, in the book of Tobias, Raphael makes Sara and Tobias meet and joins them in marriage. He's the one who faces Asmodeus, the demon of lust, pornography and adultery. This book urges Christians and Catholics, couples above all, to trust in Raphael, the archangel of couple love.”

The author assures the inspiration to write book after book incessantly wouldn't be possible without his devotion to the Holy Spirit. 

Author, “Raphael, The Angel of Love Between Spouses”

“I believe the Lord gave me this gift to write about angels. Plus, He has placed me in situations to do so. I have a small parish of 2,000 people, but 20 years ago only 700 were coming. I've never put my priestly obligations aside, but I've seen how the Lord has given me such a gift, like the situations conducive to writing so much.”

Whether they believe in angels or not, Marcelo Stanzione has ensured people have enough information and details about these Biblical characters so special that the saints showed them such devotion. 

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