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Pope Francis writes to youth: I want Church to entrust you with important responsibilities

Pope Francis has sent an important message to young people about the search for vocation. 

In the letter, divided into four sections, the Holy Father asks youth to not allow fear to control their lives. 

He says this fear can be that of not being loved, being unable to find work or of God asking too much of them. 

The pope urges them to broaden their horizons and not waste these years, before also giving them this advice: 

“Do not allow the spark of youth to be extinguished in the darkness of a closed room in which the only window to the outside world is a computer and smartphone. Open wide the doors of your life! May your time and space be filled with meaningful relationships, real people, with whom to share your authentic and concrete experiences of daily life.”

Pope Francis suggests they have the bravery to live in the present, the “here and now.” In fact, he assures them he wants the Church to have “important responsibilities to be given to you.”

Thus, the pope conclues with the advice “that you may be prepared to take on these responsibilities.”

It's the message the Holy Father sends every year in preparation for the World Day of Youth, which is celebrated in every city on Palm Sunday, March 25.