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Brooke Robertson opens doorway to heart

Brooke Robertson found her way as soon as she stopped searching. The singer-songwriter thought her career would involve occupational therapy, until she discovered her voice was what could have the most profound impact on others. 


“We've all been through something that someone else can relate to in a different way, maybe not the same way, but that's what I want to do through my music – be inspired by things that I've gone through or I've seen others go through, because I know it's going to minister and touch someone else who's going through something difficult.”

That something for Robertson was rejection from a number of graduate programs. While she had been recording covers and releasing videos, the Louisiana native didn't see herself pursuing music seriously. However, during an especially challenging period, she committed herself to deep prayer, asking God to carry out His plan. 


“I didn't know what my purpose was, but God knew and he revealed that to me through music and through opening these doors – and closing doors.”

The latest to be opened is an opportunity at a Nashville label, who discovered Robertson by viewing those same covers she had performed as a hobby. Before embarking on a nationwide tour this fall, the singer-songwriter will release an EP entitled “Have My Heart,” hoping to share with listeners the same soul she fully surrendered to the Lord.