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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis prays moving Way of Cross composed by students in Colosseum

Like every year, Pope Francis prayed the Way of the Cross on Holy Friday at the Colosseum in Rome, a symbol of the first martyrs.

The pope followed the Stations very attentively, though he looked a bit tired.

Thousands of people participated in silence and listened to the meditations composed by a group of religion students from a Roman high school.

They're the same students who carried the cross during each of the 14 Stations that recall the Passion of Christ.

However, a family from Syria also carried the cross, in remembrance of persecuted Christians.

Others who accompanied the cross were these nuns from Iraq.

Also, this group of sick people, a symbol of all those who carry the silent cross of health problems.

When the Stations had concluded, Pope Francis read a deep reflection on the Passion of Christ. The pope asked for the gifts of shame and hope.

Shame because our generations are leaving young people a world fractured by divisions and wars; a world devoured by selfishness where the young, the small, the sick, the elderly are marginalized.”
The hope that your message continues to inspire, even today, so many people and peoples, so that only good can defeat evil and wickedness; only forgiveness can bring down resentment and revenge, only the fraternal embrace can disperse the hostility and fear of others.”

The ceremony was long, it was cold in Rome and the act ended late. Thus, shortly after its conclusion, Pope Francis returned to the Vatican to rest.