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Rome Reports

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Traveling in bus from Spain to Rome to see Pope Francis

Each year, hundreds of students from around the world come to Rome to take part in the UNIV international congress during Holy Week. 

This year was the 50th anniversary. It was the perfect occasion to create new friendships and put into practice new, interesting ideas. 

These students from Valladolid, Spain, came to Rome to live the experience and to see Pope Francis. 

Student, Valladolid (Spain)

“We come here for UNIV, a congress with other universities and colleges to spend Holy Week in Rome.”

While it's not everyone's first time here, they assert that it's always an experience worth repeating.

“I was here last year on the same trip with the same college and we had the same schedule. We went to the General Audience, but it's true that every time you go to a papal audience, it's distinct and very exciting. Since Pope Francis became pope, he has always invited other to help the poor and participate in social work. This is the message that I remember most.”

It's true, however, that this unique experience in the Eternal City is not the same as a university student as it is as a professor.

Professor, Valladolid (Spain)

"Whenever I've come, the same thing has happened to me. But above all, I like to see the desire the students have to learn and also how they open their mind by living in this environment, with so many people and being close to the pope at this time."

For Palm Sunday and at the General Audience, they saw Pope Francis up close. They are two experiences that many people do not have the opportunity to have. The pope asked all participants to not only use their time at university for professional growth, but also for personal.