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Rome Reports

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Catholic Voices global meeting: “It's not about defending the Church, because they're not attacking us.”

Coordinators for the Catholic Voices project gathered in Rome for their biennial global meeting. Representatives from 15 countries attended the three-day event, which included presentations on properly addressing relevant issues in the Church of today. 

Since being founded in the UK in 2010, Catholic Voices has worked to improve the Church's representation in the media through constructive dialogue. 

Coordinator, Catholic Voices (Malta)
“How we can make a better society together rather than me trying to tell you that this is how you should be living your life. I think if you create a dialogue at that level, a lot of prejudice – that says the Catholic Church is traditional, it doesn't look forward – is seen differently. I'd say it's how Pope Francis speaks to the world today, and I think we're trying to emulate that.”

The encounter provided informational sessions on a wide range of topics – from Pope Francis' evangelizing vision, to use of social media, to gender ideology – all with the goal of properly preparing collaborators for public debate. 

Coordinator, Catholic Voices (France)
“It's a service for the Church, and when you see the Church from the inside, you feel better equipped to communicate it to the outer world.”

Coordinator, Catholic Voices (Peru)
“What we try to emphazise is, 'You're looking for coherence, so are we.' Now, based on that value we have in common, let's hold dialogue. It's not about defending the Church, because they're not attacking us. They're asking for something. That's the methodology we try to reinforce in the training at this meeting.”

To date, the Catholic Voices project has been launched in 20 nations, including the United States. In addition to media formation, the organization creates a number of initiatives and campaigns to promote improved understanding worldwide of the Catholic Church.