During Angelus, Pope Francis calls for international effort to end war in Yemen

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More than 15,000 people made their way to St. Peter's Square to hear Pope Francis' words during the Angelus. 

The pope began by recalling two parables: when Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to the mysterious growth of the seed, and when He compares it to the mustard seed that becomes the largest plant in the field after growing unexpectedly. 

The Holy Father applied both examples to modern society and urged Christians to have faith, even when the seed of their actions has still not produced fruits. 

“We're called to live these times as seasons of trial, of hope and of attentive expectation for reaping what was sowed. Thus, in times of darkness and difficulty, we mustn't get down, but rather remain faithful to God.”

Following the Angelus, Pope Francis called for the international community to make every effort to end the severe humanitarian situation in Yemen.

“I'm following with concern the dramatic fortune of the people of Yemen, now extreme following years of conflict. I call for the international community to not withhold efforts and to join all parties involved for negotiations so the tragic humanitarian situation doesn't worsen even more. Let us pray to Mary for Yemen.”

The pope reminded that Wednesday is World Refugee Day and asked for attention to be paid to the suffering of those forced to flee. He expressed his desire for an agreement this year between nations so migrants are safe and regularized. 

“I hope that countries involved in this process reach an agreement to assure the responsible and humane assistance and protection of those forced to leave their own nations.”

The Holy Father recalled the beatification on Saturday of Venezuelan María Carmen Rendiles Martínez, founder of the Servants of the Lord sisters, as an example of attention to the most needy. 

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