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Best music from Pope Francis' visit to Geneva

One of the highlights from the pope's trip to Geneva was the music. The Holy Father was constantly accompanied by a rich variety of styles and melodies that gave the visit a special tone.

When Pope Francis arrived in Geneva, a military band played the Vatican anthem. 

Later came the Swiss Confederation anthem.

While the pope greeted other officials, he was surprised with “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla, one of his favorite Argentinian composers, starting the visit off on the right note. 

During the ecumenical encounter, this choir presented a wide variety of songs demonstrating the richness of different traditions. For example, this song in Spanish entitled, “Holy, Holy my heart adores you.”

The Korean woman who directed the international choir chose various musical styles, even surprising with the hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy. 

Later, to bid Pope Francis farewell, they presented him this song with a catchier rhythm. 

When the Holy Father arrived at the Palex for Mass with 40,000 pilgrims, this youth choir welcomed him with “What the Lord Has Done in Me,” the lead singer showcasing a spectacular voice. 

During the ceremony, traditional songs were played in original ways, like this one, “Laudate Dominum.”

Or this one, “Aleluya.”

Finally, during Communion, they concluded this musical day with a touching version of “Anima Christi".