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Rome Reports

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Excitement among pilgrims who attended General Audience: Pope Francis speaks for everyone

Participating at Pope Francis meeting with altar servers from across the globe was not enough for these pilgrims from Luxembourg, who stood in St Peter's Square listening to the pope despite the intense heat.

“I have had the joy of seeing you at noon, with this heat: You are brave! Congratulations!”

On Wednesday, they also attended the General Audience, although this time in the Paul VI Audience Hall. While leaving, they continued to show their enthusiasm with these songs.

Pilgrims from all over the world come together every Wednesday for the catechesis with the pope. Many think they will not be able to understand Pope Francis because he speaks in Italian, but as soon as they entered the Paul VI Audience Hall, they were pleasantly surprised.

“Good because the all speak a lot of languages and we also can speak a lot of languages so we understand a lot.”

“Very nice good points he encourages us in the faith and also in different languages.”

Although very tired, these altar servers return home happy after spending a few days in Rome near Pope Francis.

“His relation to the people, his openness. He tries to, if possible, to speak to everybody. And is always open to speak with the ministrants everywhere.”

This group from Portugal also visited Rome during one of the hottest weeks in the Eternal City. They had the opportunity to attend the General Audience after the July break. What impressed them the most is the attention given to everyone during the Wednesday catechesis.

“Great. Yes, because they talk about everyone. They didn't exclude anyone and they give attention to those in need like disease and children.”

The group comes from several parts of the country and, until recently, did not know each other. However, they were able to sing a song and bid farewell all together.