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Rome Reports

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Pope to bishops: Seek new ways to select and accompany your priests

The pope had an intense meeting with the new bishops he has appointed throughout this year. They are in Rome at the Vatican to learn about their new responsibilities. 

Pope Francis has asked them to take care of the selection, accompaniment and evaluation of their priests and to be in continuous dialogue with them and their seminarians. 

“Our answers will have no future if they do not reach the spiritual conflicts, which in many cases have allowed scandalous weaknesses, if they do not show the existential void that they have nourished, if they do not reveal why they have left God speechless, have closed His mouth, have put Him aside, living as if He did not exist.”

The pope told them that to be bishops is to be successors of the apostles, a mission that cannot be done part-time. 

“From you there is no need for intermittent surrender, fidelity at certain times, or selective obedience. You are called to give yourselves day and night.”

Pope Francis has also asked them to return to their cities with optimism, and ask themselves without fear what they can do to make the Church more holy.