Pope Francis met with single mothers and alcoholics in Estonia

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The pope visited the Catholic Cathedral of Riga, where he met with people assisted by Church institutions.

He received this family with nine children. The children met the Missionaries of Charity by chance, and since then they haven't stopped helping.

The pope saw the tomb of the former bishop of Riga, who was martyred in a concentration camp.

Inside they welcomed him with so much enthusiasm that they made the pope smile.

Then Pope Francis listened to the story of a mother and of a man with alcoholism.

“Thank you for sharing the testimony of those sisters who were not afraid to go out to where you were, in order to be a sign of the closeness and the outstretched hand of our God. You said they were like angels coming, like angels coming to visit you. And it is that, they´re like angels.”

The pope remembered that God always gives a new opportunity and that is why it's important to create links between people, to help them feel at home and discover their own dignity. 

“He's counting on your histories, your lives and your hands, to go through the city and to share the same experience you´ve had. Can Jesus count on you today? I'll let each one of you answer.”

Before leaving, the pope greeted some of them, but the funniest moment was this little guy who dismissed him in a surprising way.

“It's like you´re my uncle.”

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