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Rome Reports

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From Germany to Rome: 2,400 pilgrims come to sing

This group had come from Cologne, Germany. They are ministrants on a week pilgrimage to Rome. There are around 2,400 of them aged between 14-30. 

Their slogan is “Felsenfest” which means “solid as a rock.” They make this pilgrimage to Rome every three years to sing in various churches around the city. 

It was founded for young people in the early 90s and this is their fourth time here.

Olivia Ignacy is a part of the music band called “AromA” within this group of pilgrims. She recently got to perform in the Vatican gardens and feels very blessed to be in Rome. 

“We sing different types of music. We sing gospels, the normal Church songs.” “ To be able to express myself, my soul, I love it. I have been singing since 16, so it is more than 10 years; and I am very blessed to be here. ”

It was a very emotional experience for them to see the pope during the General Audience. They believe he is someone many young people can identify with.

Cologne (Germany)
“Wow, it was just a feeling I can't describe, it was just tearful.”

“I think many young people like what he is saying because it is real, and someone everybody can identify with.”

As the youth synod is going on throughout October, Olivia hopes the outcome will bring about more openness to helping young people learn the faith.   

“Many young people are stressed when they don't know how to deal with the topics of the Church. I think there should be more openness to young people.”

Their last music performance will be in the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls before returning back to their homes, after an unforgettable experience in the Eternal City.