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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: Love is without reserve, not only when “it is convenient”

In spite of the Roman cold, thousands of people participated in the pope's General Audience this Wednesday at the Vatican. This little baby made the pope smile in a special way.

During his catechesis, Pope Francis explained the sixth commandment “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

“This word from Decalogue implies a call to fidelity, for there is no authentic human relationship without loyalty and fidelity. One cannot love only when 'it is convenient.' Love is manifested when everything is given without reserve.”

During his explanation on this commandment, the pope also spoke of the danger of deceiving one's heart.

“The human being needs to be loved unconditionally, and when they do not find this love, the heart seeks to fill that void with substitutes, compromises and mediocrity. It surrenders to sterile and immature relationships, with the false illusion of finding there a little light and life.”

Pope Francis recalled that it is important to include catechesis in marriage preparation. In this way, the bride and groom can build an authentic and faithful relationship with God's help. 

Among the pilgrims who greeted the pope were 11 Croatian cyclists who came to Rome by bicycle. Pope Francis gave them a special blessing.