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Better light to better contemplate Michelangelo's sculpture “The Pietà”

From now on, contemplating Michelangelo's spectacular “The Pietà” will never be the same again. 

The Vatican decided to improve the lighting for this famous sculpture with new LED lights and white undertones. This allows people to focus on all points of this masterpiece.

For example, the statue's shadows can be lit up and the light can appear as if it is coming from the sculpture itself. It can also be lit from the front to allow people to see the roughness, plasticity and artistic skill of the artist.

For many, Michelangelo's “The Pietà” is considered a sculpture of faith. The artist was only 23 years old when he produced this sculpture.

It surprised everyone because of the sweet, serene and young face of the Blessed Mother holding her deceased Son in her arms. Michelangelo purposefully sculpted it in this way to show that those who have faith do not grow old.