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The pope meets with president of Paraguay

Mario Abdo Benítez visited the pope at the Vatican. During the closed-door meeting, Pope Francis and the president of Paraguay talked about Christian values in the country, and addressed problems such as family aid, poverty, corruption and drug trafficking.  

The president introduced the pope to his wife and sons.

Martínez brought the pope many interesting gifts. One that they brought him is this papal throne of plastic and wood.

“It's so that you have something comfortable here, so you can remember us.”

They even gave him a home remedy in case colder weather makes him sick.

“We brought you honey.”

“Good timing, as I have a cold.”

“We have honey with different flavors, with orange, with honey…” 

They also gave him a book, a painting and a new project for a chapel that will be built in the Costanera area of Asunción.

The pope returned the gesture by giving them the olive branch of peace and this drawing of the facade of St. Peter's, when Bernini still hadn’t built the colonnade.

Finally, the president said goodbye to the pope and invited him to return to Paraguay to inaugurate that chapel.